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Mike Holmes of ‘Holmes on Homes’ asks, " Why don't all homes use Rub-R-Wall?".  Choosing the right product's and system for your project will significantly increase your buildings performance it will improve longevity and reduce future repair and maintenance.   With a projected lifespan of over a century, unsurpassed durability and a limited lifetime warranty Rub-R-Wall will be in your corner for the life of your home. 

Your One Stop Shop- With our complete line of above and below grade envelope coatings, air gap membranes and building wraps we have the versatility for any buildings envelope need.  Working in conjunction with engineers and architects to ensure that our waterproofing systems meet's your needs and then exceed's them.

A Better Way- Rub-R-Wall is leading the industry. Pioneering waterproofing/vapour and air barrier's with adhesion that integrates building wraps, drainage layers, rigid insulations and a variety of other building materials.  It can be applied on most building substrates  even irregular shapes and when punctured during the curing process it will help seal around the fastener.   Unlike many asphalt based products it will not contaminate your ground water leading to a safer and healthier environment. 






 •     Limited Life time warranty

•     As seen on Holmes on Homes

•    A state-of-the-art waterproofing based on advanced Hydrocarbon Polymer technologies. This technology provides incredible inherent strength and over 1800% elasticity while helping bond rigid insulation and drainage boards to increase bond with concrete, plywood and insulated concrete forms (ICF) and a variety of other building materials. It can be sprayed over brick ties, metal plates, threaded rods, and almost any irregular shape while maintaining it's superior water protection and industry leading air leakage standards. Designed to work in conjunction with blue skin (or our Rub-R-Wall equivalent) it can make seamless transitions to above grade air and vapour barriers. Ideal for multi and tri layer systems. With over 50,000 applications and a projected lifespan span of over a century it will outlast your home or commercial project. We stand behind it with our industry leading warranty.
• Mike Holmes asks " Why all homes aren't sprayed with Rub-R-Wall?.....This should be standard." *  

Rub-R-Wall is the Number One listed waterproofing on MLS

MLS: (http://www.jeanwrightrealestate.com/property/985-pine-tree-winnetk).
           (http://www.donnabrun.com/new_communities-coldpoint.php )

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(Season 2 Episode 12 Holmes on Homes )­­­­­­ http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/player/gorillavid.php?id=zx9n8yhvjh0i

 "Reg. USPTO."          


 •    Ten Year Limited Warranty

 •    Graywall™ Waterproofing/Damproofing is an all polymer membrane which provides many of the same properties as Rub-R-Wall. Designed as a hybrid for cost reduction .  It's unique properties allow it to be applied In a single layer for damprofing but when applied in a multiple layers it provides a durable and versatile waterproofing membrane.It has excellent crack bridging, elasticity and has a proven track record.

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Rub-R-Wall® Airtight 

 •    Warranty based on application

 •     Rub-R-Wall® Airtight Air & Vapour Barrier provides a seamless,  rubber based monolithic membrane designed primarily for vertical uses around building envelopes. It is impermeable to air and vapour transmission. With  lock adhesion it bonds with limited or no fasteners rigid insulation,  Drainage Wraps and a variety of different products. Check with us for capabilities . Rub-R-Wall Airtight  is made to work in conjunction with our waterproofing to transition seamlessly from below to above grade for a complete system. It can be applied to most surfaces such as concrete block, poured concrete, plywood and insulated concrete forms (ICF). It is approved by the Air Barrier Association of America.

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Rub-R-Wall® Airtight VP

 •    Warranty based on application

•    Rub-R-Wall® Airtight VP vapour permeable air barrier system is designed to stop air infiltration and exfiltration in the building envelope while allowing the transmission of water vapour preventing condensation in the wall assembly. VP acrylic membrane adheres fully to concrete, exterior sheathing and most other building materials. It has most of the same properties as our below grade Rub-R-Wall. VP provides energy efficiency earning points towards LEED Certification for Optimizing Energy and Performance.

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We carry and install most brands. Call for more details.




     •    Wrap-N-Drain is a multi-use, polypropylene plastic sheet dimple board designed to provide a permanent water and moisture barrier on a variety of substrates primarily for vertical use. This permanent barrier  provides an air  gap between the foundation  and backfill it prevents moisture from resting against the wall and channels water to the drainage system. Dimple board is

•   Product Info/ Specifications:

CCMC 13094-R (Polypropylene Dampproofing Membrane)

CCMC 13079-R (Foundation Drainage System)


 •       Geo-Wrap Drainage Composite Geo-Wrap is a high-performance, high strength drainage composite consisting of a three dimensional, high impact polypropylene core and a non-woven filter fabric. Geo-Wrap performs a multi-faceted role by providing protection for waterproofing systems and managing sub-surface water around building foundations. Geo-Wrap provides effective protection for foundations of all kinds, in applications ranging from major civil and commercial projects to residential basements. Geo-Wrap’s geo-textile and polypropylene are welded together in a special thermal process to form a permanent bond. Unlike conventional geo-textile membranes which are glued, Geo-Wrap’s filter fabric will not easily separate and isn’t subject to slipping over time. Soil backfill is retained by the filter fabric while allowing water to pass into the drainage core providing hydrostatic relief. Collected water is then channeled to the drainage system.
• Mike Holmes asks " Why all homes don't use Geo-Wrap?…..This should be standard." *   

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 •   Slim-Line membrane is part of a complete range of products designed to combat the problems of moisture and dampness in basements and slab-on-grade flooring. Constructed of flexible polypropylene plastic, Slim-Line is to be laid  between concrete and almost anything to help control moisture which can cause rot, fungus, musty odours.  Excellent for almost any concrete to wood connection it comes in 4" and 6" well as any size up to 7' wide in a variety of roll lengths. With a load capacity of over 1000kN/m2, Newton 501 Slimline is able to resists very high compressive load. Slim-Line can also  be used in conjunction with wood laminate floors as a floating floor application, for other floor treatments, Slim-Line is covered with sheets of plywood and anchored to the concrete. Then the floor is ready for carpet, sheet vinyl or any other finish you want. Slim-Line provides a more comfortable, healthier home ensuring living areas are warm, dry


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•  Rigid insulation features specially designed dovetail grooves that face the soil to channel water down to the footing drains or weeping tiles. When installed on the exterior of foundation walls, the moisture-resistant extruded polystyrene foam insulation provides thermal insulation, protects the waterproofing membrane and assists drainage of the subsurface soil moisture in a single step. Qualifies as Class A, Type 2 drainage product in Canada. And comes in an R-5 and R-10 thermal rating. Compatible with Rub-R-Wall's Lock Adhesion.

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Tongue and Groove rigid Insulation features tongue and groove edges on all four sides of 2' x 8' boards 1" thick or less and on the long edges of all other boards. The lightweight, moisture-resistant and thermally efficient Type IV extruded polystyrene foam insulation is suited for a wide range of residential and commercial construction applications and comes in many different R Values. Compatible with Rub-R-Wall’s Lock Adhesion
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We have all the resources and experience to not only handle your waterproofing and building envelope but effeciently provide any of your foundation or concrete needs. From start to finish we can provide excavation concrete forming, rebar/reinforcement, drainage and many other related services. We pride ourselves on being able to streamline even the most difficult and challenging projects.



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